Recommend a friend

Recommend a friend to work for XP Recruitment and you will receive high street vouchers as a thank you. Anyone can recommend friends to work for XP Recruitment. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORK FOR US

Referral Form

    Your friend only has to register with us and complete 10 paid shifts!

    This offer is open for recommendations of;

    • 7.5 Tonne Drivers
    • LGV Cat C (HGV Class 2) Drivers
    • LGV Cat CE (HGV Class 1) Drivers

    In order to qualify, please complete the referral form. This will generate a referral in our head office and our team will contact your friend to discuss their registration. The only requirement is, this form MUST be completed before your friend registers with XP Recruitment. We will use the date of submission to qualify the referral against your name.

    Once your friend registers and completes their first 10 paid shifts for XP Recruitment, you will receive your  voucher.

    You can refer as many friends as you wish, and earn as many  vouchers as you wish!